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I can't believe August is almost over. Soon it will be fall! MMMmmm, I can smell the apple/cinnamon candles already! Not much new around here these days! Just more bad parenting, tantrums, crafts--oh and Olivia turned two. No biggie. We had a super fun time at her birthday party celebrating with all our friends and family! Maybe someday I'll post a blog of photos from her party but I can't promise I'll ever get to it! Hehe.



August 18 | 49/365 | Watching "Ponies" on the tablet and the t.v at the same time, same episode...so meta.

Tri-Cities, WA Lifestyle Photographer

August 19 | 50/365 | Mug shot.

Tri-Cities, WA Lifestyle Photographer

August 20 | 51/365 | Shoe throwing, rolling on the ground, good old fashioned tantrum! She can really put on a show--the next showing will be in 5 minutes.

Tri-Cities, WA Lifestyle Photographer

August 21 | 52/365 | Dust off the ol' sewing machine it's birthday time! We MUST make a birthday banner.

Tri-Cities, WA Lifestyle Photographer

August 22 | 53/365 | Mommy's little "helper"...sew...seeewwww.....SEWWWWW! She must have moved all my straight pins from one cushion to the other a hundred times.

Tri-Cities, WA Lifestyle Photographer

August 23 | 54/365 | Olivia turns TWO! Our first trip to the movies! We almost made it all the way through Dispicable Me 2. Almost.

Tri-Cities, WA Lifestyle Photographer

August 24 | 55/365 | Party time! Make a wish!

Tri-Cities, WA Lifestyle Photographer

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Comments (6)
  • Cynthia

    Amanda, I so love your style of photography! Each week I enjoy your blog so much! Happy Birthday to your little one!!

  • Melissa Levesque

    Amanda, these photos are wonderful. I love the variety and use of light. Happy birthday, Olivia :)

  • Jodie

    Oh how I love seeing your images! I love the light, colours everything! happy birthday to Olivia!

  • Tina

    Happy 2nd birthday to your little girl! Great job this week - my fav has to be the shot of her and the sewing machine.

  • Melissa V.

    The 365 posts are so fun to look at. What a fun way to record the year! I love the comments with each photo and that the moments you capture are the everyday life kind of moments. Watching tv, throwing fits, helping mom...precious. It's also fun to follow the circle of others participating in the 365 project. Thanks for sharing!

  • Melissa DeVoe

    These are so perfect! Priceless photos!