What to Wear Wednesday | APRIL

Welcome to another edition of What to Wear Wednesday! What to Wear Wednesday is just another resource for those of you who really struggle with what to wear for your photos. Now obviously this can vary from session to session you aren't going to wear the same thing to an engagement session and a newborn session. However these are some great visual aids in helping coordinate multiple outfits together so that they are cohesive yet interesting and beautiful rather than matchy-matchy.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Figure out what it is you plan on doing with your photos. Giant canvas grouping in the living room--what colors are in your living room? Framed sequence over your bed--what colors are in your bedroom? Maybe you're looking for a coffee table book--the sky is the limit! Start with a color palette of 2-3 colors in mind plus a neutral like denim, black, khaki etc and build your family's wardrobe from those colors include layers, patterns, textures and accessories and it will look fantastically pulled together! If you don't have a color palette in mind find a scarf or patterned piece you LOVE and pull the colors from that. On to the clothes!

Like what you see? What are you waiting for? Snatch it up! For more ideas on what to wear follow us on Pinterest! Happy shopping!

What to Wear Wednesday | MARCH

Before I dive into this weeks edition of what to wear I want to talk a little bit about something else. Today just happens to be the one year anniversary of opening Amanda Bergantino Photography! This past year has been AHHHmazing! I have met so many wonderful people, snuggled so many precious new babies (taming the baby fever over here) and giggled with countless kiddos! I've learned a lot! I've grown a lot! I have all of you wonderful peeps to thank! So thank you all for supporting my dream and making it a reality, I feel truly blessed! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

It's the first day of SPRING! So hang up your coat and ditch the boots! These guides are perfect examples of how to dress your family for your spring family photos! Fresh, light and perfectly coordinated! Just throw in a chunky emerald necklace for mom and an antique quilt and I see family photo gold!



Did you know Emerald is the official color of the year? What better time to bust it out than spring? This outfit would make a super sweet and spring-y senior session! (holy unintentional alliteration!!!)

Like what you see? What are you waiting for? Snatch it up! For more ideas on what to wear follow us on Pinterest! Happy shopping!